The Vernal Ponds Working Group

Vernal pools are small, seasonally-flooded wetlands that reach their maximum size in spring and lack connections to permanent surface waters. These pools harbor a unique suite of species – including aquatic invertebrates and pool-breeding amphibians. Vernal pools are subject to degradation and destruction, and declines in their associated biological communities have become a concern in recent decades. Despite these concerns, many vernal pools are not afforded federal-level protections as a result of court rulings and changes to legislation, regulations, and policy.

This leaves many vernal pools unprotected and, thus, protection at the state and local levels can be critical. Below is a summary of current vernal pool regulations in the NEPARC region. (Please note that this does not cover vernal pool regulations enacted by local  municipalities.)

Stacy McNulty and Mary Beth Kolozsvary, Co-chairs
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