Become a Member or Partner of NEPARC

There is no cost, and there is always work that needs to be done to conserve amphibians and reptiles. NEPARC is open to anyone with an interest in the conservation of northeastern amphibians and reptiles.


Everyone is welcome at NEPARC, and membership is as simple as 'you are a member when you say you are'. There is no requirement for membership, though members are expected to always remain professional at NEPARC events, including the annual meeting.

Typical ways that members choose to get involved:

  • Attend the annual Northeast regional meeting
  • Subscribe to the NEPARC listserv, and respond to calls to action when possible
  • Attend NEPARC events
  • NEPARC members who are on social media can help spread the word by following NEPARC accounts, and sharing content to their networks. NEPARC accounts are linked at the bottom of the page.

Individual Partners.

Individual partners provide the organizational functioning of NEPARC. Individual partners serve a role, or provide a service to NEPARC.

Typical ways that Individual Partners choose to get involved:

  • Serving on or chairing the Steering Committee
  • Serving on or leading a NEPARC Working Group
  • Serving on or leading a national PARC Working Group or Task Team
  • Serving on the Joint National Steering Committee (JNSC)

Organizational Partners.

Organizational partners support the functioning of NEPARC, and enhance the network of a joined, shared mission. 

Typical ways that Organizational Partners connect with NEPARC:

  • Collaborating on a specific product, event, or initiative
  • Collaborating on ad hoc committees (e.g. Amphibian Week)
  • Providing technical support
  • Providing financial support (Corporate Sponsorships)

NEPARC Listserv

The NEPARC listserv is a monitored announcements style list (not open discussions) for topics relevant to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the Northeast.

Who should join the Listserv?
People in the Northeast that are interested in participating in NEPARC, and staying up to date with NEPARC events and developments.

NEPARC Listserve Terms of Use: Please read the Terms of Use document before joining the NEPARC listserv.

Terms of Use

Ways to join the list
  1. From the email address you wish to subscribe to the NEPARC listserv, send an email to the listserv. Please provide your full name and send your message to: You do not need a Google email (Gmail) account to join.

  2. If you have a Google email (Gmail) account, you may also subscribe through the group website,

  3. If you have problems contact our list manager, Luke Groff (email:

  4. You may also view the announcements without joining, but may not post messages unless you join. To view announcements, visit:

  5. If you are already a list member, the address to post messages to the group is:

This Listserv is monitored so messages will require approval before being posted.

Get Involved

Legal Info

Northeast Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation is fiscally sponsored by the Amphibian & Reptile Conservancy a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.